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Tristra Newyear

For Tristra Newyear, the past and the future are two pages in the same book. Combining extensive research and emotional clarity, she writes historical fantasies and scientific romances (as H.G. Wells put it) that explore our complex human and technological relationships, our connections to what’s greater than us, and our understanding of the past. By playing with historical movements and events, tech and its impact, and good ol’ human foibles, she crafts long-form stories that envelope readers in another world or era–and help them feel through our current dilemmas.

A native of the Midwestern US, Newyear grew up in small towns and fading cities, inspired by nature and culture, tradition and radicalism in equal measure. She lived extensively in Russia, traveled alone across Siberia and Mongolia, and learned how the other side of the world related to her home turf. With a doctorate in history and area studies, she has a profound interest in exploring the details and lived experiences of the past, and imagining how those lost moments speak to our collective future.

Books by T. Newyear


A sweeping tale told in the same place, the utopian town of New Harmony, Indiana, but in two eras–1820s America and the not-so-distant, post-climate change future. In each era, a woman stumbles into a community built to change humanity’s course, founded by eccentrics and scientists, and begins to learn the secrets of what is unfolding in those mysterious pools in the woods.


The daughter of a much declined, highly affectionate St. Petersburg family, Irina Morozova senses death before it comes. Her arcane powers, unleashed with a few herbs and a candle’s flame, can summon the dead and bring them into the world of the living. Yet that is the least of the pretty aristocrat’s worries.


Irina Morozova travels to join her brothers in Siberia, after barely escaping disaster. She hopes for a quiet return to a life among her beloved siblings, But fate intervenes, as the hunt for the Stone continues, dragging her back into the intrigues she hoped she left behind in Europe.


“I love the originality of this book!”

-Sheryl, via Amazon

“Spooky, cerebral, and sublime. Weirdly enough, there are hints of Emerson, Whitman, and Homer in this speculative sci-fi epic.”

-JR, US reader

“Techno-future and utopian past meet in the interwoven stories of two remarkable women navigating the wilderness of southern Indiana. I was totally engrossed.”

-Shannon, via Amazon

“I was particularly impressed by the early 19th-century sections – the style was spookily redolent of the real thing, Honestly, I don’t know how you did it – usually I find myself skipping embedded narratives – I must have read Possession half a dozen times, but scarcely once have I bothered with the Ashe/Lamotte poetry, for instance – but here I was absolutely entranced.”

– TW, UK reader

“T. Newyear showcases a bold narrative approach by blending these two distinct genres. This combination, while unusual, is executed with a creative finesse that enriches the novel’s texture.”

-Literary Titan

“I Like It! A lot. Ready for book two.”

– HB, US reader

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