On Music, Technology, and the Present Moment

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Medical Music is Striking a Chord

Tristra Newyear Yeager explores how the convergence of AI, wearables, and digital music can bring us health and wellness directly through our earbuds.

AI Will Eat Itself... And That's Okay

And: the shadows of minstrelsy lurking in AI content, the creator economy as propaganda machine, and the role of sameness in ecological diversity.

What Happens When Music is No Longer Static?

And: An explosion of spaces for genAI music mavericks; Artists as APIs?; Found fandom families; How media is decentralizing in hopes of solving web2 problems

The Long Tail’s Sting

The political battle over content moderation and music’s dilemma. Joining the dots between some potentially meaningful and high-profile legal cases taking place in the US, and the consequences they may have on music streaming platforms globally.

Empty Houses

It’s hard to write about where you are, right now. The stories in our small town have tugged at me for months, especially as the national conversations about rural life have been so monotone. I decided to tell the story of our town by looking at the people who’ve left it–and the empty houses they left behind.

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