Starfall Book 1


There are pools in the forests all fear and avoid. There, something strange is happening.


This curious fact lies at the heart of Starfall, a sweeping tale told in the same place, the utopian town of New Harmony, Indiana, but in two eras–1820s America and the not-so-distant, post-climate change future. In each era, a woman stumbles into a community built to change humanity’s course, founded by eccentrics and scientists, and begins to learn the secrets of what is unfolding in those mysterious pools in the woods. 

Exploring American history and our coming adaptation to climate change, folklore and technology, Starfall incorporates elements of romance and sci-fi, horror and natural beauty. It leads readers through a forgotten but vital moment in American progressive experimentation and suggests what might remain valuable to us, as we face one of humanity’s greatest challenges.



In this extended tale of cli-fi-meets-historical fiction, Xenia, a woman with an integrated artificial intelligence, embarks on a mission to repair a malfunctioning relay at the edge of the wilderness now called the Flood Zone.As the mission turns to disaster, Xenia and her security contractor find themselves confronting a greater mystery, one that eventually leads them to a strange town in the middle of nowhere, where nothing is quite as it seems.

The town, called Harmonie, has a long, utopian history. Half-abandoned for years, it has been revived by a group of secretive scientists and artists, who are still dealing with the echoes of a long and complex American past. Its traces appear in a set of peculiar 19th-century documents that chronicle the life of a free-spirited woman, the long forgotten reformer and troublemaker Camilla Wright, which only deepens riddles lurking in the heart of the forest.

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